Saturday, November 10, 2012

girls just wanna have fun

A weekend of FUN, LOVE and Family!!

Ryan's family is full of fun, so they came down to Cincinnati for a girls get away weekend.  We stayed in on Friday night and went shopping all day Saturday.  I hope to continue this tradition.

No matter the style, shape or size.
No matter the height, wedge or heel
No matter the color, black or white
Relationships are like a pair of heels.
you start off brand new, until you get worn in
they fit just right, you may have a scratch
a bump or a bite
but in the end you depend on the left and the right!

Thankful for the "in-law" family that has been so loving and kind.  I pray continuously for my children and their future spouses, but I also pray for their in-laws as well.

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CristinB said...

I had sooo much fun that weekend!! I can't wait to do it again :)