Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving with family

Avery and Scarlett at Thanksgiving.  Ryan's family rents a "gym type building attached to a comfortable room to sit with a kitchen type facility" each year for Thanksgiving. 
It is just wonderful because the kids can run and play in the gym and the adults can actually carry a conversation.
Logan holding Mr. LJ!
Another party over the holidays was the "Ingold Christmas" - yes Christmas around Thanksgiving!  My dads extended family has been getting together the weekend after Thanksgiving since everyone is in town for the family Christmas party.
Cousins chilling with Uncle Milan
Megan holding her baby brother.
The cousins playing games!
Coloring FUN!!
Scarlett helping little Savannah with her work.  Sometimes its hard to have "lots" of parties but we LOVE our family time and we are so blessed to have this time to fellowship together.
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