Thursday, November 01, 2012

Pumpkins, Parties and so much more

Carving pumpkins are so much fun!  The girls love to dig into the goo.
Willow stirring her "mixture" of pumpkin seeds.
Great job Daddy and girls!!  Our front porch looks great!!! (notice the grass growing out of the hay bale...ha)

 Willow had "hat" day instead of "Dress up" and she wore the "parrot" hat.

I love going to the parties at school (as a parent). For many years, I was the teacher and so this is such a breath of fresh air.  Love that I could chill with my Willow bean.

This is little Ben in Willow's class, I was friends with his mommy before they ended up in the same class.  The two love to play together.
Then after Willow's party, we were off to Scarlett's fall party!
The kids doing a craft during their Halloween party!!
Our good friends, Anne and Mike  (whose daughter Ariana is in Scarlett's class).  Daddy was reading to their youngest, Aubrey!
Anne helping Ariana with "pin the mouth on the pumpkin."
Scarlett playing the game!

After all the parties, we went to visit Daddy at work....although this isn't Daddy's desk...mmmm, do you know whose this is?

 We went over the the "Ryan's" house for a little fall fun early in the month and she had it decorated so cute!

 The girls loved painting pumpkins at the party too!

Jen had all sorts of activities for the kids, our girls are into crafts so this was perfect!!
This year we decided to be the "Bee Family with the Bee keeper"  Daddy is such a good sport!  We had so much fun and the girls just loved it.  I know I only have so much more time and the "matching stuff" will be out the door.  I will enjoy it while they like to do it! 

I love to bake (not that I can actually do it)!  I love to get on pinterest and get ideas.  Although you could get sick looking on pinterest too.  The ideas are crazy and you feel like its impossible to do all the things on there.  I just made simple cupcakes and then colored the icing and put a candy corn on top!  They were so cute and I really didn't want to eat them.
These were little treats I made for some of the teachers.
I have got to post this on pinterest too!  I used colored chocolate from Michaels.  I put the orange on first and then waited a few hours and put the yellow on them.  I was nervous the marshmallows would go bad, but they didn't.  I had to get rid of them all within days though because I was too nervous they would get super hard and yucky!
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