Sunday, February 15, 2009

5 guys burgers

We figured that we would have to wait in lines to eat.
So we took it upon ourselves to eat at a very
5 Guys Burgers
(when Amy and Joy were in Fl, we went to St. Augustine to shop and stopped
by this very place)...i think the floor was still a mess from the last time
(you can eat peanuts and we thought you could throw them on the floor, needless to
say... you can't...we didn't notice everyone else NOT throwing peanuts on the floor)

Daddy and Scarlett...she looks like she is up to something!

It was quick and easy.

Scarlett had so much fun, and so did mommy and daddy.

Scarlett wasn't so sure about her gourmet hotdog. But she ate her corn!!

After we ate, we stopped over at the hibachi grill where a few friends braved the hour
wait...we decided to go home!
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Gardner's said...

Yummy... it is making me HUNGRY!!!! We now have one in Fairlawn... :O)