Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Weekend

We have all been sick this week...Scarlett is finally feeling better and now Ryan is sick and ME...well, it seems I am always sick. I get sick so easily with runny noses and etc...

It has been very cold in Florida and finally the weekend is suppose to bring 70's. Scarlett is going to dance and then we are just relaxing today. As for Sunday, I am teaching Sunday school before church and then we are getting a sitter for the evening. YIPEE... We are going to celebrate Cami's 30th birthday in the evening, although we will miss our bible study group.

Ryan has been gone all week and will be really busy this coming week so sometimes during the week, Scarlett and I have to be creative about our evenings...we just might get so creative and go to the gym.

Takin a load off:
- we went to Ruby Tuesdays... we use to love the salad bar
- I started a new book, "woman of the bible"
- Scarlett watches everything we do and thinks she has to be a big girl.
- valentines day is right around the corner...YAHHH
- i have not had any diet coke for 38 days and have a feeling i might cave in this week... i drank 2 mountain dews this week, i mean at that point i may as well just drink the coke.

(side note from taking a load off...
my dad use to drink pepsi aka "pop" for dinner every night with his meal...when we would say thats not fair why does dad get pop and we have to drink milk... my mom would say, he is the boss and sometimes life isn't fair.... anyways, thank goodness she never gave in, can you imagine if i would have started at a younger age?) just to let you know...he used to eat a hoho every morning too

- Joy and Sam (and new baby when it arrives) are moving to Germany for 6 months. Sam has a great opportunity to move for his job. As you can imagine, the family is quite upset as we might have to travel to Germany...bummer
- Ryan and I might go to Germany for our 5 year anniversary in October.
- I really want to take Scarlett and the new baby to Germany...Ryan says out of the question.??
- oh yah, in case you haven't heard, we are having a baby in August.
- we are going to ohio this month to visit family... counting down the days, i haven't seen my momma for three months...whewwww
- Amanda and Greg are celebrating their marriage. They were married last year but he was serving our country so they didn't have a big reception. They had something small and sweet last year and now they get to celebrate with their extended family in a few weeks.
- believe it or not, because we are all sick, we ALL went to bed last night at 8:38, which explains why i am writing this at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning.


mammabaltic said...

Hey, just checkin in and seen you updated. I say Scarlett should stay with aunts for the week her parents go to Germany. See you soon!! Oh, I updated pictures on facebook....

Jill said...

oh, i am not on facebook...i will look at the other jill's...seriously update your page, i refuse to get on fb

Connie said...