Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wore Out

So Scarlett was in Ohio for exactly 9 days... YEP 9 days. How many of you have traveled for 9 days without stopping. That would be my bouncing baby girl. I missed her so much the whole time she was gone. It is getting harder to send her on those long trips. It seems that about once a month I am sending her to Ohio with Ryan (because he is on business, its free) and mommy gets a break. breaks are nice, don't get me wrong... but after about three days you feel like are missing something. It's just that instead of getting a break like once a all comes at one time. I am getting use to it though. I think that a few days is good, but it was a long trip for her. She finally is back to normal (after being really sick) and back on schedule. She stays with the Mosers (Vicki and Mark), the Butlers (Joe and Shari) and the Ingolds (Art and Bonnie).

Ryan's mom, Vicki (aka Grandma Moser) sent a cd and a picture journal back with Scarlett...i am in the midst of trying to get pictures from the other families... anyways, here are some of the pictures on the cd.

This is her Aunt Ashley who is getting married to Dan...which is now Uncle Dan. Ashley and Ryan are siblings... we have Adam and Alex too...but Ashley is the only girl! She is getting married at the end of June.

This is Grandpa Moser who usually reads and plays with her on the BIG chair.

This is Grandma Moser's moms house...who has Petey. As most of you know, Ryan and I are not huge animal lovers but of course our child is. She loves petey. She thinks every cat is petey. She pretends to play with a make believe cat at our house named least she isn't calling me petey. (by the way, petey is a girl cat...hehehe)

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