Thursday, September 01, 2011

Curaco Vacation

Ryan and I decided that after I got back from Cambodia that we would try to take a few trips as a couple without the kids.  So back in June we adventured to this random island.  Weeks after coming back my camera was found in our cooler, so I couldn't salvage any of our pics.

We have taken a little vacation almost every month from Feb - July.  They were little, short and sweet.  But the trip to Curaco Island was fabulous.  This is visiting their little town Willemstad.  The island is in the Neverland Antilles and we stayed on the Piscadera Bay.

We even went off of our island and adventured into their little town.

A few of our closest friends in Palm Coast went too.  Beckah (in the flowered dress) and her hubby were going on their anniversary trip.  They found this really great deal that a few of us couldn't pass up.  So we jumped on board, and they didn't mind.

We visited the well known island and all of their popular destinations.  I know, you are probably thinking, what popular destinations, you have probably never even heard of the island. (or at least we never did).

Most of the days (except for the few hours we visited the city), we stayed on the beach.  One day, as we were sitting there, we watched a couple "POSE" on the rocks.  So the next day, we all took it upon ourselves to "POSE" on the rocks.  check out the next couple of pictures.

Sean, Graydon, Derrick and Ryan POSING

Some of us girls attempting to POSE (i know, we thought we were cool)

Then, we just decided to be super cool.  Tara and Beckah have been awesome friends in Florida.  They are two of the first girls that I met in our town.  It is wonderful to have close friends in different parts of the country.  I feel so blessed.

Of course, Ryan and I were trying to get a pose and attempt not to fall over laughing.  If you only knew about 6 people were behind the photographer giving hints on how to pose my legs and our arms. 

It was a much needed relaxing break for both of us.  Especially for Ryan as he is such a hard-working daddy and husband.  Thank you to my mom and dad for flying down to Florida to watch our babies.

Of course, we couldn't leave without our stamp.  The little ocean bar had a marker and as you come for vacation you write your name. 

I had to add this last picture as we were having so much fun.  But we were trying to get a serious picture and the swing fell forward and the photographer got the picture just as we were in panic. (or maybe it was just me).  Check out our resort HERE.  Literally, the picture of the resort looked exactly like that.  If you look at the pictures, you will see the suite that Ryan and I were upgraded too.  We had a beautiful room and I took pictures too but well, you all know that story. 

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