Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Pictures

Our sweet Willow turned 2 at the end of August.  We ventured off to the St. Augustine park to take pictures.  She is wearing size 5 diapers but wants to wear panties.  She improves in talking every month.  She loves to follow her sissy around and do everything that Scarlett is doing.  They adore each other, but fight at the same time.  Both girls are in the same shoe size and almost in the same size clothes.  Willow is wearing 2T-3T clothes.  She is really long so most things are short on her.  She loves books.  She loves carts and babies.  She loves Mickey Mouse.  She loves shoes and jewelry, and usually has to have bracelets on often.  She loves to dance.  She is sleeping great through the night.  She loves looking at Christmas pictures.      We love you Willow!!
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