Saturday, September 03, 2011

Everyday life

I love when every toy in the house is out and the girls are creative.  (I don't love cleaning it up.)  Scarlett has so much fun putting toys together.  This a "baby train" that she has piled barbies in.  She loves Barbies, we are slowly collecting parts and pieces to her Barbie collection.

And on the flip side, all Willow needs is a laundry basket.

She is our little spunkeraroo.  She never has a dull moment and is full of energy.  I think I need a nap more then she does.

Of course, she wants to do what big sissy is doing.  I am just not quite ready yet for potty training.  I think I need to become ready because she wants to go on the potty.  So here is to potty training soon....
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