Sunday, June 03, 2012

Cambodia Friends

How cool is this picture....let me rewind.  When I went to Cambodia, I met this wonderful family, the Stephens.  They are and have been missionaries over there since 1998.  When Alison (in the pink) came back to take one of her sons to college, she went in for an exam and found out she had breast cancer.  The weekend we met them was the weekend  (a year ago) she called her husband in Cambodia and told him the news.  Tim and his son came back to the states a year ago and they have been here ever since.  They will be going back in October of this year.  She is finished with treatment and will get her check ups in Bangkok.  It was a sheer honor and total coincidence that they were passing through I begged them for dinner.  They were able to meet us off the exit for a fun, way to fast, great dinner.  I personally have so many people that have influenced me in my life, like my parents.  I would have to say that this wonderful couple rates right up there.  Their love for God, love for each other and love for others around them is one of the most influential things.  It was an honor to have them meet my family.  Ryan and I later that night were just amazed at how much God has blessed us with getting to meet and know them. 
Their daughter Audrey, (who was in the states in college when I went to Cambodia) just loved on the girls.  The girls just adored her.  She wants to work with children....mmm, pretty sure she is really good at it.
Finally got a picture of them on the calm side of things.  Thank you Stephens Family for stopping and spending your precious Sunday evening with us. 
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