Friday, June 01, 2012

Few Randoms

The other day, we went out to eat.  Scarlett felt the need to take her American girl doll and "match" her.  Thank you to Aubrey from Palm Coast who passed this adorable little outfit along to Scarlett.  She loves matching her dolls.
Park date for lunch.  We have a park that is a hop, skip and a walk over through the woods.  We packed up lunch one day last week and enjoyed the afternoon outdoors.  Of course, they each had to carry their own lunch box, I think they each have 3 small things in those HUGE bags.
Willow is a beast to put down for nap.  However, on this particular day, she just went over to the couch, propped her feet up and took a snooze....a 2 hour one that I had to wake her up from.
My girls don't just LOVE dogs.  They ADORE dogs and cats.  However, only if they are stuffed.  They will play and play on the steps with their animals....some days its a pet store and some days its a dog show. 
Sneak peek into a few things going up in the baby boy nursery.  Can't wait to share pictures when its finished.  We are going with a mix of....well, lets see if I can shorten the list.... red, grey, black, circles/spirals, ohio state, sports, and VINTAGE.  Yes, the vintage is about the only thing that I voted for.  Ryan says that the girls rooms have been pink and girly, its about time for a BOY room.  However, I think the poor kid has no choice.  We are starting to pull out all the baby things and clothes to see what we have.  We only have a few more things to buy for the nursery.  I just snagged a great lookin double combi stroller at a garage sale today for 20$.  SO EXCITED...although Ryan was with me and I think he was even more STOKED.  I actually have a lot more things in 0-6 months then I thought, so now I am looking into the 6month and up clothes.  We have a baby monitor, car seat, just set up the changing table, and swings.  We still need to get the "black" crib that Ryan wants to add to the room (you know the one that we used with the girls was brown and it was Ryan's as a child and well, it doesn't match....ha) oh and last but not least just need to get that new SUV....
Ryan was playing with the girls in this room and so I had him grab a picture of the belly.  This baby is SOOO different then the girls. I crave everything and anything, including berries and hamburgers (yuck, i so don't like eating all the calories in burgers, I usually eat turkey burgers but that just isn't cutting it).  The baby's head is down but I am pretty sure that this boy is on a tight rope doing flips.  Of all three of my pregnancies, I have NEVER felt a baby move, kick and make my belly move like this one.  It's quite crazy, I keep telling Ryan that if this was my first one and the girls followed I probably would have been in every week telling the doctor that they are not moving.  The girls NEVER moved.  I am sleeping better but this is by far the least amount of sleep I have had while being pregnant.  I find myself going to our neighborhood pool and getting in the water a lot so that I don't swell up.  The OB's seem to be worried about that, which actually sorta makes me laugh because in Florida not one OB said anything about swelling in the hottest state.  I haven't swelled up with the other two, but again, you never know what this boy will put me through.  So thankful for the wonderful, healthy ultrasound that we had this past week and we are feeling super blessed...... oh and can't wait ....I think we are getting closer to a you have any suggestions?
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