Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little Ms. Kora

So Little Ms. Kora came to visit and stay with us for a few days.  You can tell my girls were excited to see their cousin, as they smashed her in between them at the ice cream shoppe.  My parents were on the other side of the bench.  This little ice cream place is about a mile down the road in front of a golf course.  The little grandma that lived there, passed away last year and her grandkids opened this little yummy ice cream shoppe. 
I don't love this picture because it looks like I am NOT enjoying my ice cream but I LOVE Scarlett's face....way tooo cute!!
This would be a great picture of the girls playing hide-n-seek.  The way you play with a 2,3 and 5 year old is that you cover your eyes with your hands to hide!!!
Play-doh was a huge hit as they made cupcakes for mommy!
We went swimming in the rain, so why not dance in the rain.  Our neighbors came over and joined us.  I had to run in and grab my camera.  I used picasa to lighten the picture and make it all bright and all.
Snack time consisted of teddy grahams, icing, goldfish, icing, juice, icing and well, I am pretty sure Kora was quite amused with the amount of icing we eat (right out of the container).  NOTE: the icing in the picture is even BLUE!!  You know, because blue icing is that much better!!
Barely grabbed a picture of Kora in my pink boots with a maternity shirt on with a boa and pom-pom!!
The girls on the "little coin eaters" at the outlet mall.
To transfer Kora back to her momma, we met at the outlets to make the swap (tough stuff for two moms that like to shop) but we took one for the team and let them play a little and then we were off and shopping!!  Thanks Kora for visiting us for a few days, we had so much fun and we never stopped giggling. 
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The Gardner's said...

this cracks me up!!! Kora kept telling me the DQ that they eat at was where the butlers grandma died... lol.. now I understand what she was trying to tell me. Thanks again... she talks about it everyday!!!!