Saturday, June 09, 2012

Mini Tour

 Taking you on a mini tour of a few rooms in our home.  Over at Kelly's Blog she has home tours going on all summer of different rooms in the home, so link up if you like.  Since we just moved and a few people were asking for pictures.  I thought I would link up too.  Also, I wanted to keep a document of our home for our children...considering they are usually in all the pictures and our house usually looks like a tornado went through it.

The one thing I love about our kitchen is the island.  I have yet to decorate above the cupboards, but I am a pretty clutter free person.
Another view that shows the sun room, which we use as a sitting room with a train table.....see below.

One of the things I love about this kitchen is the central vac....the little white piece you see below the cupboard collects just about everything that is on the floor.  I didn't know if I would really use this at first because I wasn't use to it, but I have to say...the broom and that button are my FRIENDS!!
A quick snap of our family room
and on the mantle is one of my favorite things....our wedding picture.
The living room sorta comes out of the dining room, which is off the kitchen.
The sun room just has a chair and a train table.  I love to sit out there, read or drink my coffee while the girls play on the train table.  It is one of Willow's favorite things to do.  We have been in the house about 8 weeks and we are beginning to make it our home.  I am slowly starting to decorate and add little things here and there.  Thank you for joining me in our mini tour.
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So beautiful!!!!! Love it!