Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's a party

The night before my birthday, the girls threw me a party.
The theme they picked out with Daddy was Minnie Mouse.  I guess they were looking for plates with purses on it, but they didn't like any other decorations because daddy said they were looking for "specific hats."
We had some of my favorite appetizers.
The girls did a great job picking out all sorts of decorations (and I think draining daddy's pockets).
The purses on the table were such a cute touch to the Minnie Mouse party because they know I love purses.
and yes that number on the cake says 32...
The girls could barely eat supper, they wanted me to open presents.  They kept the secret!!
One of the things was new golf shoes.  They are really just puma flats but I love them.  I especially love this picture because Willow's pose is cracking me.  I love birthdays because I love seeing how much the girls love celebrating them too.  It was a special evening with just us and so much fun. 
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