Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Funny things

For those of you that follow my blog and have kids, you know that we hear the funniest sayings through the day.  I am going to try and be better at documenting them..... 

Scarlett was at Grandma Hartzler's house....the other cousins were running towards the woods and Scarlett asked Grandma why all the kids were running into the "forest."

At dinner one night waiting for daddy, Scarlett said, "shhh, God is telling me something" as she had her hand on on her ear.  She said, "God, said Willow has to eat ALL her food."  within a few minutes, Willow said, "Shhh....i hear somefing" so we were all quiet..... Willow said, "I hear the tv."

Scarlett wants to know why Curious George doesn't talk, why Little Bear doesn't wear clothes and if  Mommy, Daddy, Scarlett and Willow can drive into the TV so that she can visit Doc McStuffins.

Mommy was randomly talking to someone on the street when walking....Scarlett said, "is she like your friend now?"

While shopping in Hobby Lobby, we were almost done, and Scarlett said, "this is like the cutest store, I just love everything in here."

In the car, Scarlett telling Willow that Jesus died for our sins.  Willow said how did he go "in."  Scarlett said, no, sins.  Willow said, whats that....Scarlett replied, well its when you do something wrong, but I really don't do anything wrong...ha

Scarlett: So when baby brother pops out, are you going to just pop your belly back on? 

We love you and all of your cute sayings!!!

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Fletcher- High Cotton Style said...

Ha too cute! Where in Ohio do you live? I will me moving to the New Albany/Columbus area from South Carolina! Couldn't find your email so I figured I would leave a comment:)