Tuesday, July 03, 2012

On our way

On the way to Wayne County for July 4th weekend, we made a pit stop.  Jenna, my sweet friend from Florida met up with us.  She lives in Florida but her parents live about 45 minutes away from us.  We were STOKED we would see her, even if it was for a quick McDonalds stop.  She is coming at the end of the month and we hope to have her out to the house.
I really wanted a picture but yes I feel like a house in the picture.  Love this girl and the memories that we have with her, my girls just adore her!  You might remember the girls doing cheerleading HERE with Ms. Jenna.
When we arrived late at night to my parents house, my dad was ready to go.  We thought pulling into the drive way that Dad had some kind of new "fly catcher" but as we looked closer the sign was welcoming the girls...ha... (look at Willow's grin)
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