Saturday, July 07, 2012

Go Bucks

On our way back from Wayne County we made a pit stop in Columbus.  We wanted to do some shopping and take the girls to see the stadium.  Needless to say this was about the only picture we got (yes, my belly might be as big as Brutus's head) as the temps were setting a record that day.  Scarlett and Willow did great and wanted just about everything in the store (they are true Jill Butler shoppers) and they had such sweet spirited hearts as they wanted to buy presents for everyone.  I have about 5 more weeks in this picture until my due date.  I have been feeling ok, but I would say this is my toughest pregnancy so far.  I really don't sleep well, I am soo tired and I love junk food.  I am usually none of those three....ha.  I have the best husband ever who helps with the kids so much, takes them golfing or swimming in the evenings and helps put them to bed.  Some nights I have been having braxon hicks and I never had those with the first two...or at least they didn't hurt.  We are so thankful that with the few ultrasounds that we had and all of our appointments, that everything seems to be healthy and he is growing wonderfully.  I can't wait until we reveal his name (yes, we still have to decide) and reveal his nursery (yes, we still have to do it).  Baby #3, you are loved already and the girls can't wait for you to POP out. 
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