Monday, July 16, 2012


Project #1 from the weekend:  This is a picture of a wreath, some flowers and junk.
Yes, I made a wreath.  Hang with me....I can be creative.  I even used a glue gun AND wire cutters.  The reason behind the wreath:  we really needed one, the only one I could find that I liked was 100$ and I refuse to pay that much soooo, I bought the wreath and everything I needed for 42.00$....I didn't think it turned out too bad for my first wreath, although as I am looking at the pictures, I need to touch up a few areas.  Just wait until the Fall...ha....I can't wait to decorate my front porch with pumpkins, wreaths and all the other cool things I am finding on pinterest.
Project #2 for the weekend: Money Jars for the girls
Scarlett really wants "The American Girl Doll Treehouse" ya'll know how expensive that stuff is and of course its like 300.$ sooo, we decided to show her how to start saving her money she makes for chores and from the lemonade stand.  (All of her birthday money goes into savings at the bank, sorry girlfriend)
So we divided out the 25ish$ that she made at the garage sale between the three jars.  Bless her little heart, she wanted to put a lot of it in the "give" jar, she gets so concerned about little children without food, the people along the street that we use to give money to in Fl and the children in your heart sweet girl!  The bonus is that our bible verse this week is out of Matthew: Love your neighbor as yourself, so this ties right in.
We talked about each jar and then we divided up.  This is an easy way that if she is begging for a new barbie or tree house, then she can see how the whole MONEY thing works. (Cost: free jars from nana (they use to have candles in them) glue gun with left over ribbon, and some tags with leftover stickers = free project)
Project #3: 30.00$ Britax carseat from a friend, but somehow in the attic all bagged up in Florida, a mouse or something had a meal out of it!
Hey, my glue gun was busy this weekend....(Michaels clip on 2$) EASY FIX!!!  Just like new.
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Shannon said...

I love the give, save, spend jars and can't wait to do something like this with Westin. Poor baby only has coins in his piggy bank right now because his birthday money goes into his savings account too. :)