Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moo Goo Pan Plate

Friday night we usually order pizza and do a movie sorta thing.  But we decided to change it up and go to P.F.Changs, thanks to a great friend who gave us a gift card.  Every once in awhile I find myself getting caught up in memories of some great friendships that I had in Florida, and I have decided...its not a bad thing.  One of the first times that I went out with Rachael was to go shopping and grab a bite to eat at the Changs.  I am blessed beyond my thinking of the wonderful friendship that I have with her and many others. 
However, Florida or not, Scarlett is loving these chopsticks.  It was sorta rainy and breezy that evening, so it was even funnier when we compared it to being beachside when the wind picks up and blows...I know, wishful thinking.
Scarlett loves her some rice and she is getting so good at those chopsticks!!
Of course, Willow has to get in on the action and she was doing pretty good with them too!
Ryan and I ordered the yummy salad wraps that are to die for and of course this platter to split....
For some reason I thought that the sauce was a different sauce and I never heard the end of it.  My hubby couldn't stop making fun of me, and he had every right.  The Moo Goo Pan something is really, really bad...don't ever order it unless you want a really BLAND, PLAIN dinner.
Willow gave up on the chopsticks and figured it was time to "pound" her food as she calls it.
Later, we went to Babies r us to register for a few things = um, diapers, so that when I need them I can get them at discount!
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