Saturday, June 26, 2010

Take a look in the mirror

So let me tell you
have you ever looked through the mirror
and felt that well
needed readjusted
or did you think there was a crack in the mirror
or maybe did you step back and take a look at

On our way home from Ohio. I did.

See earlier I had hit a mailbox and I broke our rearview mirror. We didn't have time to fix it before we left for Ohio because we had to special order it. But I found this picture interesting in many ways.

1. the mirror was 85.00 to replace
2. i wanted to blame the mailbox that didn't move
3. i wanted to blame the fact that i was rollerblading at 6:30 and it was just tooo early to drive
4. we looked like trailor park trash with the rubberband, tape and crack in the 13$ dollar mirror
5. how often do we think people look at us as a perfect mirror, but yet sometimes we have been broken or needed taped back together
6. are we happy with what we see in the mirror?
7. would we say things if we only had the mirror in front of us to look at?
8. what does God see in our mirrors? and does he like the reflection?
9. I am needing to work daily on what i want my reflection to be to others....

thanks broken mirror, i needed that 85$ lesson.

and since we had the camera out and rolling in the car.... we took a picture of the tunnel for the girls.

they were very spoiled in the car the ENTIRE way back to Florida. But anything to keep them happy.

We finally made it back to Florida, safe and sound
3 kids
2 adults
1 speeding ticket( whooping big ticket)(again, my fault)
0 broken mirrors.

you guessed it, it fell off about a mile down the road.
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