Saturday, June 05, 2010

Birthday Parties

Speaking of birthdays


We went to a birthday on June 5 during the day at McDonalds.


I had plans to go to Maren's birthday that night. It was her real birthday and Scarlett was so excited.

But this is what happened when I got there...

Some of my girlfriends were there to surprise me.

It was so much fun. I had NO IDEA and quite honestly it took me awhile to register that they weren't even having a party for Maren. I even told Ryan I wanted no party and they can't surprise me because I already know how this works. And it didn't even cross my mind that Jill wouldn't have her OWN child's birthday and have one for me. I seriously thought oh, we might sing at Maren's for mine but really...

Needless to say, we had so much fun!


As for the picture, we are not in a gang or anything. We were holding up 3 fingers for the number, eh?

My husband and Jill worked together on this crazy party!!

Not sure I can ever thank this girl enough for all that she does for me. I am so blessed to have met someone that is such a wonderful friend to me. They are our family away from family. Our families are alot alike and our kids adore each other. I know someday we won't always live close together and that is not going to be easy. I am pretty sure we use up all of our minutes on our phones and text because we are always talking.

We always laugh that our husbands say that we both talk to much. And to imagine we both have the same great name.


When we travel often or she leaves for Canada for the summer, its never easy.
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