Thursday, June 03, 2010

Summertime and the T.V.

Summer is in full force.

Scarlett loves helping with Willow. She feeds her and talks to her. We have been calling Willow "sissy" and "Willow Bean." Really we have called her these because we have Scarlett who called her sissy and we have Ryan who usually nicknames just about everyone...


Let me give you a few nicknames that he calls people.

My girlfriend, Nicki, he calls pony (i know, really?)
My other girlfriend, Liz, he calls (Lizdog... (really?)
His own brother, Adam, I think he is the one that started the whole "cheese" name.
He usually calls me "b"... i think it means beautiful, babe, bubbly... ok kidding

We have been swimming alot too. Scarlett and Willow will be taking swimming classes together. Instead of paying for private ones with Scarlett, I am going to get in with the girls and the instructor is going to teach me how to help them both. It's very important that our children have the concept of pools and the water when they can walk out the pack porch and get in. Makes me really nervous. Scarlett loves to swim, she is doing really good without her floaties but just needs to be more confident that she can do it.

We went to Braeden's pool one day to swim and relax.


Then, there is the T.V>
The first year we were married, Ryan made this purchase.
He was sooo excited.
Because I think he said "you could watch sports better."
Anyways, it died.
We said our goodbyes.
And the trashmen thought I was crazy.


I had a little party for all of my little kids that come over every Friday for learning time. It was the end of the year party. They sang a few songs for their parents and then we ate lunch, played and went swimming.


Can't wait to get you caught up with all of the things we have been doing this summer... We have been busy, as i know all of you are too!
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