Saturday, September 15, 2012

Did we have a game?

Saturdays are usually game day in the fall....but for the kids, its like play day! For Ryan, well, hopefully he can watch the game as you will see all the things that can go on in one day.
My sister, Joy was in for the weekend with her little ones and here is what happened to her sandwich at lunch.  Cray got a hold of it when she walked away...
Lauren came over with her little dog, Daisy, and let me tell you, this dog might have done the trick.  My girls were in love with her!  She even had a little play pen for her...FUN, FUN!  Although, I will say, Daisy is a very good dog, and she is well mannered.
Willow was all about Daisy, with the purple hair clips.  So if y'all have dogs that my girls are afraid of, you just need to add some hair bows.
Lauren on kid duty.
Love this picture as poor Corin (the only boy) was put into dress up clothes too.
Even Cray got in on the action of Daisy.  You can see in the background, my cousin Judy to the left of Joy.  I have barely any pictures of her but she has been such a big help since we moved, even watching our girls when we had the baby until my mom got into town.
And if Tracey is around, he is usually with the kids.
And yes, he was "tossing" them into the couch when I found them.  He brought Jen with him too, but I didn't grab a picture of the two of them.  They just finished running a half that morning and stopped in.
Later on, the kids found the golf hole in our back yard and took advantage of that too.
Nothing like a great day to watch football, (as you can see, we probably stressed the hubby out) as we went on our merry way of all the activities that were going on. 
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