Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Everyday life

Found this random picture of us at the fair...little Lane is in the blanket somewhere.  This is me with my french fries that I have missed for the past 5 years.  I am pretty sure I couldn't eat them fast enough.(fyi, i have no idea why the picture is messed up with the caption)
Oh, Scarlett....she picks out her outfits and head bands...she just loves fashion and is really loving school. 
Then we have Willow who wants to wear the same dress or tutu everyday.
This was our finished product of our "B" we made.  We plan on making ONE every year that has all three children involved with it.  Can you see Lane's little purple hands?  I want to have them create one before the beginning of each school year.
These little treat bags were from the Browers with a box full of goodies for little Lane.  They especially wanted to take this picture for Addie Grace.
Of course, they instantly broke open their goody bags to put the glasses on. 
Willow being Willow at Scarlett's cheerleading practice.  When I go places (doctor, stores) people call her giggles.
Rocking it out!
Scarlett with the scarf and headband before school.  She said she needed a "cessyary" that day...ha
Willow reading to her babies. (note the guitar that my lovely siblings gave her for her birthday, she rocked it out with her babies first, then it was reading time)
As you view our blog, I hope you enjoy your everyday simple life.  It is so that we have a wonderful book full of memories so as our children get older they can reflect back into past years.  Thank you for taking a peek into the Butler Family. 
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Candy said...

We love & miss you Butler family! Love the blog!