Friday, September 14, 2012

Willow and her 3 year old self

Willow Grayce is officially 3 years old!
She loves everything about life!!
She had a great 3 year old check-up!
She is loving school and her new teachers.
She will be going two mornings a week!
She is such a big girl!
She loves that she has a backpack just like Scarlett.
This was the best I could do on her first day of we took the picture, a little girl in the corner right of the picture was SCREAMING!!!  I really thought that Willow would be crying too but she did great!
Of course, I had to make a little cake for Willow's teachers too!  So thankful for Willow to be able to attend a private Christian preschool.  At open house, her teachers talked about how nice it is to openly talk about God in class.  We are so excited for this environment for her and (this mommy is glad for a little break).

Willow has been potty trained day and night for awhile and she continues to do great!
Willow loves to wear tutu's.
Willow loves on her little brother.
Willow loves to take pictures with her hands on her hips.
Willow gets a little sassy sometimes.
Willow takes an afternoon nap about 2-3x a week.
Willow is a great eater, she loves muffins, broccoli and Cheetos.

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