Saturday, September 01, 2012

It's that time of year

The Butler's have pulled out the cheer leading outfits to cheer on their favorite team!!
  Go Buckeyes!!!
Little Lane doesn't know what he is getting in to...
We were so excited to bring in the first Buckeye game in Ohio.  The weather was beautiful with fall in the air.  Ryan and I feel like we are right at home with all the buckeye fans around us!!
We went to the other side of our neighborhood for a little Buckeye fun.  Lisa and her family are so fun and just loved on little Lane.  She is such a sweetheart and always checking up on me!
The girls had so much fun with the game day activities.  A few moms brought some things for the girls to do.  Scarlett wore her little bracelet that she made all day everyday until it fell off.
Later in the evening, our other neighbors almost next door to us threw a big ol party.  It was super kid friendly.  It really was a glorified wedding reception.  They had bounce houses, tents, tons of food, tattoo painting, slushy machines, popcorn and the list continues.
Erin, who lives across the street (and she is from Florida) has four girls.  Our girls love to play with them, so this party was perfect.  The little ones couldn't get enough of the party.  The rain set in by the evening and we ended up going home early.
Willow had no idea what she was drinking, all she knew was that she liked it.  I think she thought it was pop, either way....great way to end the day!
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