Saturday, September 15, 2012

Upwards Cheering

Scarlett started in the UpWards program at a local church. (not ours)  She is a cheerleader for the football team.
They meet each Thursday night, learn some cheers, meet some little friends and do a bible lesson.
Game day is on Saturday mornings.  We love this program because it makes them feel so special.  They announce their name when they go to run through the tunnel.
It is so funny to watch but great for Scarlett to meet new friends.
My husband is still trying to figure out if cheer leading is a sport, they do have a few girls playing football, but if you know my girls, I am pretty sure that is NOT on their agenda!  Check out the science cheerleaders....just sayin.
My sister, Joy and her kids were town for Scarlett's first game.  Maddie (another niece)came too.  They were the cheerleaders on the side line for our little cheerleader...ha
Go black, Go gold.... Go Black and Gold!!
At the end of the game, they each get a sticker for working together and being a "star."  So each Saturday morning we will be off to "cheerleading." before we watch the Buckeye's games this fall.
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