Friday, September 14, 2012

Camp Lane

Lane Joseph Butler - you are 4 weeks today!
Your sissy's just adore you! They always just sit and stare at you (or at least Scarlett does).  Willow feels the need to make sure your eyes work.  She also likes to open your mouth to put your soother in.  She always gets a diaper out and ready to go too!
We were only able to take you down to the neighborhood pool a few times, fall is setting in and the pool is closed.
You got your first tubby.
It might not appear like you enjoyed your tubby.  But we have given you a few in the past few weeks and you LOVE the water!  The girls were there to analyze all your body parts and make sure you were NOT crying!
I know...another picture of your crib but now we have pillows that Grandma Hartzler made.  You started sleeping in your crib about day 3 of being home.  Your room is right next to ours so we can hear you when you cry.  It has worked out great.  Both parties are getting sleep and I am finding it to be so effective.  I attempted the whole - put you in the pack in play in my bedroom - and well, I can't sleep and daddy needs to get up and work, so we opted to use the crib - since that is why we bought it!
Since Grandma sewed the bottom of your crib skirting and we had extra material.  She made the pillows for the extra bed too!  They look amazing and we are so blessed to have such an awesome grandma (your great-grandma) to be able to pull this off in hours!!

This brings us to the girls. 
Daddy built a tent for the girls and they were determined to put Lane in the tent and "babysit."  As you can see in the picture, the strollers are lined up and I think that the ENTIRE play room was in the tent, along with baby brother.
It's like his hands are in defense mode all the time.

 Fun Facts:
- I have cut out all dairy since delivery and it has seemed to helped!!
- Lane usually pulls out a 5 hour stunt of sleeping each night.
- Nursing every 3 hours during the day
- Diaper size: 1
- Probably weighs well over 10lbs (he was weighed at 3 weeks at Dr)
- 0-3 month clothing
- Dr. Johnson delivered Willow in Florida, Dr. Johnson delivered Lane in Ohio - 2 different ones, both great at what they do!
-  Pappaw calls you "little Joe" seeing that his name is Joe, I guess this is fitting.
- You love the vibrator seat that Aunt Joy brought us to use
- You smile at mommy when she makes a clicking sound.
-You love to watch sports with daddy, or maybe its just the fact that daddy rocks you while he watches sports!
- You have been so spoiled by all the presents, packages and food that have been delivered.  The girls have enjoyed it too!

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