Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Hands ON

Willow helping Scarlett with her learning words.  They love this Scholastic vowel game because you can put the missing vowel in the word.  Anything that involves manipulative's is a great education tool.
Another project that we decided to work on is painting a canvas.  My plan is to do ONE each year before school with their hand prints.  This year, I used tape to make the letter B.
Then, I let them go to town painting with their hand prints.
Willow picked blue and Scarlett picked pink.  I was glad that I got Willow to pick something different then pink so we could see the different hand prints.
It turned out pretty good, I will post the finished picture once my handy dandy husband hangs it in the play room.  Even Lane put some hand prints on the canvas. (his color was purple)
And since I had all the paints out and they were making a COMPLETE mess, whats a little bit more all over the table!!
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