Friday, February 10, 2012

Disney during the summer

Disney is such a magical place.  I loved going there as a kid and LOVE taking my own girls there.

Scarlett and I adventured to Magic Kingdom before she started preschool.

Mommy had to get by Minnie before Scarlett would be in the picture.  They must huge to a little girl.

She was excited to get her little passport signed.

And loved talking to each princess

she wasn't shy at all, can you tell?

Then, she warmed up for a picture!

Scarlett's favorite princess is Belle.  She was so excited to see her.

Mommy's favorite place in Disney.... the chocolate store!

Eating our favorite treat at disney...... a M&M covered marshmallow Popsicle.

Had to grab a picture of the Smucker Store too!!

Love this picture as you can see the castle behind her....perfect ice cream + disney = great day

trying to grab a pic of both us

Loving Winnie the Pooh house

on the "its a small world after all" ride

whew.....what a day.  It was wonderful to spend the day with us the two of us.
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