Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day with a book or two

Her hand is fisted in the picture because we are going to put a lollipop in the picture as a treat!

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!  These are a few pictures from the girls cards that we gave out this year!

Ryan and I are working on a few things that I think would be a great post on this Valentine's Day.  We are both going through the "Love Dare" book from the movie Fireproof.  Our lifegroup on Sunday nights is doing this book to continue to build our marriages.  The group unites together in the thought that if you address things in your marriage when the problem  starts then it will help you when the fire comes....hence the movie was called Fireproof.  We did the study about 2-3 years ago as a whole church in the evening on Sunday nights but now our small group is doing it again.  So thankful for Godly people feeding into our life and marriage.  If you haven't tried the Love Dare, its really suppose to be used to surprise your spouse for 40 days.  I encourage you to pick up a copy and try it.  The other books that Ryan and I are reading are a little different.  He is reading Courageous for Men after the movie Courageous.  If you haven't watched this movie, its probably the number one recommendation of movies WE have ever watched for marriages.  I am reading Love and Respect for about the third time.  I love books that you can read again, and again.  And since I am on the boat of making book recommendations, I have read Boundaries a ton of times, used it for other people that have questions about it and highly recommended it.  I have two copies and friends are always borrowing it.  Hope you are in the middle of reading a good quality book, if not try out one of the above books!!!
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