Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hospital Night

The Florida Hospital Flagler has launched this initiative to better inform women of the health concerns that we can be facing.  The night is presented by Flagler Women's Heath Council. 
Of course, I had to grab some pictures of some girlfriends.  Paula is in our lifegroup and it was nice to spend the evening with her.
Jamie and this girl!!
Mindy and I .... she is an awesome and busy momma! (and yes, I am pregnant, little over 4 months)
A few of the doctors answering some questions.  The doctors present were Dr. Ahmed, Dr. Martin, Dr. Trautschol and Dr. Theilade.  
Goof ball Candy....I was trying to get the lady to snap a picture and she didn't know how, so I ran around to help and of course Candy is sportin a face.  Candy is on the committee for the hospital so she invited us out for the fun night!
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