Tuesday, February 21, 2012

St. Augustine

Two of my sisters and their children came to Florida for a quick weekend trip.  As you can see the girls were just so giddy about being together.

The giggles just didn't stop the entire day!!

We went to St. Augustine for the day to check out the ol town.

When I downloaded my pictures, I had about 100 of Molly and Megan posing.  Not sure who took the pics but I had some pretty good ones.

Of course, Cooper must have been in on the photo shot too.

and then Joy and I had some random pictures taken of us too.

Kora Lily and Willow were smiles all day.....or at least most of the day.

This would be another random shot found on my camera of Amy pushing her youngest, Grady.

This might have been the most interesting thing of the day.  The kids were analyzing the trash in the drain.  They were determined that they saw a crab.  So we just went with it and told them sure, name all the trash.

Of course, waiting for pizza was the hardest part of the day!

sweet Eli

Eli and Cooper

enjoying some pizza time

another photo shot of Eli

Willow struting her stuff in heels the entire time in St. Augustine, I thought for sure she would complain and eventually get in the stroller but she has passed HEELS 101.

The boys using their maps to figure out where we were.  All in all, it was a great day in the city.  About 300 pictures were taken with my camera.  I hope you were able to see a little of our day through these few pictures!!

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