Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Party

On Valentine's Day we had an afternoon in the park.  We invited a few friends to exchange some Valentine's day cards.  A lot of the kids are in school and go to different places so it was nice to get everyone together.

Was able to grab a quick pic of us girls!!

Sooo...we  are all one month apart in sequence (anna in the red is due in July) (i am due in August) and (beckah is due in Sept).  we are all around the 15th of the month...too cool!

Maren and Scarlett are the best of buds.

Candy (a sweet friend and fellow blogger) and her boys!!

Sweet Tara and I....her girls are Trista and Adilyn.

Ayden and Brayden so excited to open their cards.

The sweets!!!

Little Willow just cruisin at the park

Little Carston (Mindy and Mic's little boy)

Sweet Zachary (Candy and Darren's)

Some of the kids!!

A few of the moms!!

Ending out the night on the fence...Good times = Great Valentine's Day!
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