Monday, February 13, 2012


Once we found out we were moving, we used some Christmas money and bought 3 Disney tickets (Willow doesn't need a ticket).

We decided to go to Disney three more times before we move.

It is so fun, magical and just gives you great memories.

Of course, my girls just like to pick up the confetti on the streets after a parade instead of actually watching the parade.

We went with my good friend, Jamie Russell.  Her and I met about 8ish months ago and I feel like I have known her forever.  God puts certain people in your life that are intended to stay in your life forever.  She is one of them.  Thank you sweet Father for this beautiful friend inside and out.

The girls just a strollin.

Willow and I enjoying the rides.  It was such a great day to spend with a beautiful family.  (Note: Daddy didn't go because he was working but he is going to go the other two days that we go before we move) 

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