Tuesday, September 14, 2010

B is for Buckeye

B is for Buckeye.  Yes, in the great state of Ohio, we have buckeyes and they are a delicious candy or a poisoness nut.  Since we have been reviewing the letter A, and working on things that start with a B.  We made Buckeyes.  (basically peanut butter, chocolate and sugar, not bad eh?)  However, in this picture you will see that Scarlett is on the phone.  She is telling daddy what we were doing, as he is off in Alambama.

Tell you what....
if you comment, you may have the chance to win this
 "New and Free Hershey's Cookbook." 
Have you ever made buckeyes?  yes or no
If so, any special ingredient or secret?

Another reason why we made buckeyes is because Scarlett is working on her states.  She loves to talk about Ohio because her cousins live there.  She uses this abacus to count all her cousins on it.  Its really quite entertaining as she tries to think of 40 of them... (i think she repeats Molly like 10 times)

Here is a picture of Scarlett "eating" with her cousins.  I know what you are thinking "is she crazy".... but we accidently told her she is going to Ohio next week and so she has decided to eat, live, sleep and think about her cousins....
We are missing the buckeye state more then ever during this Ohio State football season and all of the things that go on during Ryan and I's favorite part of the year.... the fall!!

Oh, and you have one week to leave a comment on any post for the free cookbook (i know i am a nerd, i am falling into the nerdy blog give away category) So look out, because next Tuesday I will announce a winner of the person that is going to bake us delicious desserts!!
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Gardner's said...

I love BUCKEYES...
This is what I use.
(bottom on page 259 in the Sterling Cookbook)
16oz (2c.) peanut butter
2 1/2 c pwd sugar, sifted
1/2 c. butter
1 t. Vanilla
Chocolate Melted

I have found that the Big Choc. Chunk you find in the produce Melts and Taste better than the lil disk of chocolate. But I have not found a trick to get the balls out of the chocolate without using a tooth pick. What do you use?

CristinB said...

I LOVE all Buckeyes....peanut butter ones and the scarlet and gray ones!! (I have never attempted to make them though!!)

Jennifer said...

Do you have the book "B is for Buckeye"? It goes through the
alphabet and each letter has something about the state of Ohio. Great Book