Friday, September 17, 2010


 This is my first post on this topic. 

 Well, you might be wondering
Lord willing
might be going to 

It all started long ago 
when different people would talk about going on mission trips.
to be quite honest
I was pretty selfish
I really didn't want to go
I am so glad that I never went
I wasn't ready
it was laid on my heart that
Cambodia would be the place that I need to visit.
That I would be one of about 20 to go
visit where this lovely couple, the Powers resides

who help this couple, the Horns minister to the Cambodian people. 

I was able to listen and talk with the Powers as they have been back in the states for a few months "to regroup."  
I now have my updated passport. (it expired and I didn't even realize it)
I now have a better idea of the exact people that are going.
I now have been fund-raising for this trip.
Tonight, we had a spaghetti dinner at our church to support these missionaries. 
I now feel like I have contributed.


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