Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Sunday

On Sunday after church, Conner came over to play. His parents were at the "walk thru the bible" at our church in the afternoon. It was this really cool thing that you use hand signals to help you remember all the events in the Old Testament. Not goin lie, bummed I missed it but we just couldn't swing it.

I saturated this photo in picasa and it is sooo cute!! They were eating their snack and chillin.

Of course, ALL kids find the LOUDEST toys in our house. ha... accordion of course.

So here is the thing, Ryan (and the other Ryan) went to the Brown's game down in Tampa for the day, so I figured if I was babysitting, Jill may as well bring her kids too! So Grayson and Maren came too! She ran out and did some errands. We had such a fun day. Busy weekend!

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