Thursday, September 02, 2010

Hello September

September came upon us pretty quick.  Although we are still able to enjoy the pool and playdates outside.  This was taken at a birthday party for little Sienna.

I usually rollerblade if I can't get to the gym, and end up pushing the stroller with the girls.  However, this particular night Scarlett was all ready to go in her skates too!!

On the first Tuesday of every month, we go to MOPS.  It means "mothers of preschoolers."  It is so nice to meet other women from our local church community.  We usually have a speaker but this time, it was a "get to know you" kind of meeting.  The pastor's wife at the church where we met, talked with us from James.  (it was something i REALLY needed) Next time, our friend Dr. Darren (Ayden and Landon daddy) is going to speak about breast cancer.   

We were working on the letter A this week and what do you know....  Elizabeth from MOPS was giving out her abundance of avocado's.  (a is for, eh?) We LOVED them...ok, well, I loved them.  Scarlett didn't much care for them, Ryan will eat them, but I LOVE them.  I made a chicken avocado recipe that night that knocked my socks off.
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Ashley Fisher :) said...

cute blog and adorable sweet little girls!