Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Learning and Swimming

Scarlett said, "take a picture." 

Reviewing the letter A.  She just got a new book from Ms. Jill about the letter T and she has been reading it all the time. 

Scarlett.... you are at such a fun age, I am so glad that I am able to come along side you everyday and be with you.  A girlfriend just posted on Facebook this comment on her status,

Heather Combs Johnson so thankful to be able to stay home with my children. We are called to spread the gospel. To all of us stay at home moms, our mission field is right in our own home. What good would it be if we won other souls to Christ, but our children were lost. They know us better than anyone. Let your light shine!

oh, if this didn't remind me and humble me of my daily job.

We decided to leave the house today and adventure out to swimming lessons.  We signed Scarlett up for group lessons because her private lessons were going pretty good and the teacher said she was ready for group lessons.  YIPEE!!

Oh Scarlett, The teacher today (who had never worked with you) just loved you as she was wanting you to use a noodle and you didn't want to.  You loved it once you realized it was all a game.

Scarlett.... You were learning about the animals that live in the water and how they swim.  Scarlett, today you practiced how to swim like a "frog," You go girl, get your hop going!!
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davis anderson peters said...

Jill, I love the part about staying home w/ our children! Wow, do we have a job, or what? They do know us better than anyone and will totally copy the things that we do! Lord, help us as we try to be like HIM, So our children will as well! Thanks for the great reminder!