Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend is in view

My weekend is going to be starting on Wednesday.  I will give you a hint.

Scarlett going on the potty in the airplane at 2 years and 4 months. 

Except this time..... (yes, I know you are on edge.... you probably thought my weekends start on Monday)

this great daddy will be flying with the girls
to where......

well, you probably know.... to see their grandparents in Ohio. 

Also, please scroll down and comment on my "buckeye blog" as I have two people that commented!!  YAHH 2 responses but only ONE PRIZE!!  Picking the winner on Tuesday!!!

Also, just found out that ANYONE, yes ANYONE can become a member of my army. 
So PLEASE join the ranks so that I can become a GENERAL. and when you sign up, use my number #6334 or enter in my name.  (and no one will knock at your door or send you junk mail)...ha

1 comment:

Ashley Fisher :) said...

haha that pictures is priceless!!!