Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Sites

I can finally say that after A LONG time

I am updated

on my blog.

whew, that feels good

I have been about a month behind for awhile.

So let me share a few sites that I have been wanting to post. 
this site is about the breast awareness month that is coming up in October.  If you live in volusia, flagler or semionle county, please log in and become a member of "my" army.  I would like to be general.  If you live elsewhere, you can check out the site because it is really cool.

Here is how to do it:

1.  click on the icon "enlist"
2.  type in your info
3.  when is asked for referral id:  you can look me up or enter #6334

the other two websites I would love for you to check out is two friends that we know on a caringbridge website that they update frequently. 
this website is about little sweet Kendall Sue, she is one of Amber's sisters and the whole family just really knows how to write.
this website is a friend at our church, her husband is an usher and he was in a bad accident.

If you can't get into the caringbridge sites, its probably because you just need to enter in your own email and password. 

Have a great week!  If my pictures are NOT coming up on the blog, please comment so I can attempt to fix it.  I think I fixed it all, but you never know.  Oh, you can always comment, I love to read them!!

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