Monday, October 04, 2010


I thought I broke my camera, actually we thought it got saturated with milk from the diaper bag sooo, i took a bunch of pictures of things on my counter.  Ha.... the coffee cups seemed to be right there.   However, as I looked at the pictures, I realized that we got these coffee cups as a wedding present from one of my bridesmaids (Ryan's cousin Cristin) who is married to Tom.  It reminded me and brought up how different we are as a family from when we first started.  You know, I only have 3 left out of the four.  That is because I dropped one and it broke.  But those cups have held up through thick and thin.  How true this is with life and the past years of our life, kids and marriage.  Sometimes we have great coffee days and sometimes we have not so good coffee days.  Do you ever find yourself in that situation?  Well, today was one of those days, I just felt like I fell short of what I wanted to get done.... that is except for drinking actual coffee.

and speaking of coffee....its a good thing I can get a cup in about a minute.  (yes, i took pictures of every angle of my counter to ensure my camera was working.) 
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Ashley Fisher :) said...

way to make me jealous! I want one of those coffee makers so bad! :)