Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pink it up

Besides loving the color pink, wearing the color pink, dressing my girls in pink....
 I had a pink party!

It was actually to spread awareness about breast cancer.  The website,, which most of you have joined.  It is to support our local community to build awareness and to offer mammograms for free.  I hope this picture captures how much fun we had.  A few girls left before I remembered that I wanted to snap a pic (of course for my blog) 

That evening a few got online and registered.  I have so many things that I have to accomplish to become a general in the "pink army" and I need about 40 more recruits.  I have done everything that I needed to do to become a general, except recruit 100 people, which for some reason is difficult.  I think people are nervous to sign on and do it.

Two more of my lovely recruits.  Jill and Jen having a great time socializing, which is what this event was suppose to be about.
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