Wednesday, October 06, 2010

from start to finish

I tell ya, little Willow isn't so little.

Early this morning, she was lifting her own weights with mommy during my workout.

Then, we were off to mommy's bible study.  I had to get a pic of Scarlett with her precious and sweet teachers.

After an evening of fun and awesome weather.  We ate supper, took our baths and were waiting for daddy's plane to land.  However, I had Willow completely dried off, changed into jammies and I was picking up the toys.  That little Willow climbed right into the tub without me seeing it.  Little ham...
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Gardner's said...

I love the picture with the girls in the bath tub!!!! You need to frame that in your bathroom. Willow is so proud of herself... but you can tell she knows she was not supposed to do that... and Scarlett is like MOMMY look what sissy just did..... lol