Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ohio Weekend

Ryan and I had so much fun for about a 2 day getaway for our anniversary.  We flew into Columbus, Ohio.  We went to the buckeye game and enjoyed a few dinners without kids. My parents drove to pick up the kids and keep them for a few days. 

We ate breakfast at Provine's tail gate before we went to the game.  Craig recently lost his girlfriend a few months ago whom he dated for  about 7 years to an asthma (spelling?) attack.  He use to set up tailgate with her for years.  This is his first game back without her.  He was such a strong person although I think he was dealing with a lot that day. 

I just love the sun, the fall and the weather in Ohio.  The guys at the top of the hill enjoying the morning.

I wanted to get a picture of this beautiful tree to show my friends in Florida.  It was a beautiful day and an awesome weekend.  Thanks grandparents for helping out with the kids.  If you have some pictures for me to post, send them my way.
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