Sunday, October 03, 2010

Happy Birthday

Jackson is in kindergarten this year, so we barely get to see him.  His mom and I are friends and we see each other more then the kids.... but Scarlett still adores Jackson even if she doesn't see him because he is at school.   Happy Birthday big boy!!  We had so much fun at McDonalds play land.

Landon's birthday was right after Jackson's.  So we had a busy Saturday.  The boys and our girls see each other during Sunday School, bible study, life group, playgroup and much more.  It is so fun doing life with the Peterson's.  We go to their house on Sunday evenings.  Scarlett and Ayden (on the left) are the best of buds too.  Landon is in preschool so we are missing him at play dates during the day.

Chris lovin on Willow... she gets kind of nervous when someone else's daddy picks her up, but she just loved all over Chris....too cute!!

cute little Landon
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