Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Willow - 14 months

Willow Grayce is so much fun.  She has almost a mouthful of teeth.  She is working on her back teeth, you can feel them coming through.  OUCH

She loves the camera.

Willow, let me tell you a little bit about yourself at this little stage of your life.
Loves to do itsy bitsy spider with us when we sing
loves to pose for the camera and smile
loves soft gerber cereal bars
loves to walk and run around like crazy
is in love with going UP the slide at the park
loves when daddy walks in the door 
loves when you giver her a compliment, she gets all shy...try it
loves little baby dolls and gets close to their face and laughs
loves the outdoors, and LOVES to sit at the front door with it OPEN.
loves her sissy and looks for her in the morning when she is not up yet

she is not in love with
dogs, cats and etc (yes, i think she is ours)
anything that really moves or makes a rattling noise
when everyone goes into another room and leaves her hanging

She usually always has a ball in her hand.

Mommy was out and about in Tampa.  We had to turn at "Willow" Ave. to get to the Arena.  Oh, my precious babies, they might not have a lot of other "people" named after them but streets are.  It was nice to see it and think of my little cuddle bug.
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The Garner's said...

I miss this girl already! She loved getting kissed like crazy from Aunt Joy...

Ingold Co. said...

she is such a little pumpkin! we loved spoiling her when she was here!! can't wait to see you all in a few weeks....