Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beach Day

The girls love hanging on the beach, especially with Braeden.
A recent Sunday after church we booked it to the beach to take advantage of the sun, beach and great friends.
Of course Willow is content with the cooking pan we bought at Goodwill.
The kids running and playing.
I love this picture!  I know you are probably looking at Ryan or the kids playing.  But do you notice the toes of Rachael and I.  These are days I don't want to forget.  We have had so much fun in our friendship and can't wait to watch our children grow up in years to come.  When Daddy comes home, he will ask Willow what she did that day...and often she says..."Rachaellll" and I am like oh-no I was caught again.  Ryan will say, coffee and Willow says, "yesss." 
The beach among many things will be one thing we will miss, but I am so thankful we took full advantage of it while we could.
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