Sunday, March 18, 2012

Randomness in Florida

These days were so much fun.  We would pick Maren up from daycare so that the girls could play.  They love them some Mare-bare time.
Every time you drive down Palm Coast Parkway, you will see this sign.  Just had to snap the picture one day.  If you are from PC, you are laughing.  If you have visited, you probably recognize it, but for the rest of the outa towners, I wanted to share our little town.
Driving into our old subdivision will be bittersweet.  The Hamptons treated us well for the few years that we spent there.  The neighbors are wonderful and we were so spoiled by everything they did for us.
Had to end this random post in Florida with some good ol bathing suit pics
and yes, the girls wore the accessories to the beach too. 
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